Bluesnap navigation redesign

When I first joined BlueSnap, the first project assigned to me was the redesign of the website navigation and footer. With this project, it was crucial to go through research across all departments to identify the information architecture in how we wanted to lay out our new navigation.

For Invision Demo:


Prior navigation

Prior navigation

Prior Footer

Prior Footer


  • BlueSnap products not properly being displayed in one consolidated view

  • Partners drive nearly 40% of our revenue, and difficult to navigate to a page that elaborates on partners

  • Too many tabs on both the utility and main nav

  • Important pages such as “About Us” is nowhere to be found on the main nav nor the footer.

  • Misusing buzzwords such as “SnapCenter” that is not easily recognized by first time viewers on our site.

  • Footer is not informative to what viewers are looking for (careers, about, help, etc)


  • Understand the information architecture and revise the sitemap.

  • We laid out all and every page on our site to merge and reorder for the new design.

  • Meet with various departments of the company (Partners, Marketing, Fraud, Risk) and hear their opinions on their opinions on their take on the presence on the site.

Screen Shot 2019-04-20 at 1.57.00 PM.png



  • Utilize minimalistic design / brand colors to divide sections

  • Mega-navigation that allows for Products, Features, and Partners to be displayed in a consolidated view.

  • Introductory column (left) explaining our platform

  • Include short blurbs for each page for viewer’s easy understanding

  • Mirror some elements of main nav on the footer, as well include “About Us”, “Contact Us”

  • Remove outdated buzzwords such as “SnapCenter” and rename to “Resource Center, which